Sam and Dena lead a circle at Columbus Alternative High School.

The Girls Circle Project gives college women the opportunity to make a difference in their community as they grow, learn, and challenge themselves.  They are able to assist young girls in dealing with societal issues while also empowering them and helping them realize how important it is for them to become successful, strong women in our society.


The Girl’s Circle Project

The Girls Circle Project began in 2008.  It is a year-long immersion project that involves training college women to run Girls Circle in Columbus-area schools or agencies with middle or high school-aged girls.  Girls Circles are small, facilitated groups of girls who get together to talk about issues of importance.  Some circles might center on relationships with peers, others might discuss honoring diversity, while some might focus on mind and body issues. The circles have a leader as well as a well-tested, weekly curriculum and evaluation methodology. The focus is on providing a safe space for adolescent and teenage girls to engage in discussion, decision-making skills and critical thinking.